Basic Rules of the Beach
-Learn to swim and never swim alone.
-Only swim when lifeguards are on duty.
-Always go to the beach with an adult and swim in front of the lifeguard between the green flags designated as the swimming area.
-Never Swim when the red flags are up.
-Yellow Flags denote a surfing beach.
-If you are in trouble, call out for help & wave your arms above your head. Do not panic.
-When you hear the lifeguard whistle, look at the lifeguard chair. They may want your attention.
-Do not hesitate to call a lifeguard for help in any medical situation on the sand or in the water.
-Stay off the rock jetties and never swim near them.
-Check water conditions with lifeguards for undercurrents or sandbars. Both can be dangerous.
-Report dangerous situations to the lifeguard.
-Check the depth of underwater surface by jumping or walking, not diving head first!
-Do not attempt to make any rescue yourself. Get a lifeguard; they are trained to do the job. Do not interfere with lifeguards making a rescue.
-Beaches close at 6:00pm
-Swimming is prohibited when lifeguards are not on duty!

Take a minute to familiarize yourself and your family members about rip currents. Click for more information.

Bodyboard Rules & Guidelines
-All Bodyboards must have a leash cord attached. Leash cord must be used by the rider.
-All children must be watched by a parent or guardian.
-Flotation devices such as inflatable tubes and water wings are strictly prohibited.
-Bodyboard use: It is at the discretion of the beach patrol to restrict bodyboards (distance from shore, rough waters or other
conditions, need for additional equipment).
-Please listen to lifeguard’s instructions.
-The use of bodyboards & surfboards in the same bathing area is prohibited.

For Your Safety, Please Remember
-No alcoholic beverages on the beach or boardwalk.
-No bonfires or barbecues on the beach or on the boardwalk.
-Swimming is prohibited without a lifeguard on duty.
-No dogs are permitted on the beach or boardwalk.
-No glass on the beach.
-No smoking on the beach or boardwalk.

These Safety Regulations Have Been Established To Allow For The Enjoyment of Our Patrons. They In No Way Imply That The Use of Bodyboards Or Surfboards Are Safe and Will Not Result In Injury.